Frequently Asked Questions

What is HDMI?
HDMI is a type of cable that connects audio and video feeds from a source to a HDTV.
What does 1080p mean?
What's so great about 1080p? 1080p resolution--which equates to 1,920x1,080 pixels--is the current Holy Grail of HDTV resolution. That's because most 1080p HDTVs are capable of displaying every pixel of the highest-resolution HD broadcasts. They offer more than twice the resolution of step-down models, which are typically 1,366x768, 1,280x720, or 1,024x768. These days, HDTVs with any of those three of lower resolutions are typically called "720p."
What is Whole House Audio?
Whole house audio can do any of these things: Single-zone system A whole-house audio system where all speaker pairs, at any given time, play the same source technically has a single zone. A single-zone system is easier to set up and less expensive than a multi-zone system. Multi-zone system A whole-house audio system that can play different audio sources in different areas at one time is a "multi-zone system." New products have recently made multi-zone systems easier to afford and simpler to install. system A whole-house audio "system" includes dedicated audio source equipment, audio distribution and amplification equipment, infrared remote control distribution equipment, wire and cabling, speakers, and controls. zone A whole-house audio "zone" is one or more speaker pairs that, at any given time, will play the same audio source. A whole house audio system may have only one zone (see single-zone system), or it may have several zones (see multi-zone system). Speaker pair A speaker pair usually serves one room. A room is part of a "zone"..
What is a 5.1 Surround Sound System?
5.1 Channel Surround (3-2 Stereo)(digital discrete: Dolby Digital, DTS, SDDS) Delivers Five discrete audio channels and 1 LFE channel from a 6 channel source: Two channels for speakers at the front?left (L) and right (R). One channel for speaker at the center?center (C). Two channels for surround speakers at the rear?surround left (LS) and surround right (RS). One low-frequency effects channel (LFE). Describes the Dolby Digital, Digital Theater System (DTS), and Sony Dynamic Digital Sound (SDDS) systems. Source media, usually DVD and sometimes Laser Disc or satellite/digital cable is often branded with "Dolby Digital" and/or DTS logos. DTS uses a higher sampling rate than Dolby Digital, so DTS can achieve higher fidelity. 5.1 surround sound may also be referred to as 3-2 stereo. This defines the configuration that has been standardised for numerous surround sound applications. The term 3-2 refers to 3 front speakers and 2 rear speakers.
Which is best, LCD or Plasma?
Plasma screens are promoted as providing the best color intensity; the LCD as free from annoying light reflections. Today there is little difference in picture quality between the two but reflecting light can always be a problem. If you have a room with windows, especially along the side or rear of the TV, you should select an LCD. LCD screen sizes are typically 40in, 42in, 46in and 52. Plasma sizes 42in, 50in and 58in.