Surround Sound Installation

Home Audio Solutions can come out to your home or office and assess the area for proper speaker placement. With proper speaker placement and the right equipment surround sound will enhance all of your media entertainment.

5.1 Channel Surround (3-2 Stereo)(analog matrixed: Dolby Pro Logic II)
Extracts Five audio channels from either a specially encoded two-channel or a stereo source:
•Two channels for speakers at the front?left (L) and right (R).
•One channel for speaker at the center?center (C).
•Two channels for surround speakers at the rear?surround left (LS) and surround right (RS).
•One low-frequency effects channel (LFE).
•Describes the Dolby Pro Logic II matrixed surround system. Source media is often gaming systems including Playstation 2, GameCube  and Wii games branded with "Pro Logic II" logo.

5.1 surround sound may also be referred to as 3-2 stereo. This defines the configuration that has been standardised for numerous surround sound applications. The term 3-2 refers to 3 front speakers and 2 rear speakers. [6] Placement: 5.1 speaker layouts should conform to the ITU-R BS.775 standard, despite the myth that music and video content require different placements. The ITU standard states that the left and right speakers are located at 90-110°, and the rear speakers should be positioned approximately 22-30°.