TV Installation

These days everyone is getting a TV and having them installed in their homes. Our service ensures that the job will be done right. Our installation technicians take every precaution to ensure proper placement. Making sure that the tv is level is also important. If needed we can install coax cable outlets, HDMI outlets, and electrical outlets behind your tv to give it that "wireless" look. Home Audio Solutions can install a large or small television directly onto your wall, mount it on a bracket, or put it on a stand off of the wall. We offer quality brackets at affordable prices or we can use yours.

HDTV stands for High Definition Television. These televisions make a very clear and crisp picture. In order to get the most of a HDTV you need to have a HD video input such as a cable/satellite box that is designed for HDTVs. For the best picture you need to look for an HDTV that is 1080p combined with a HDMI cable. We understand this technology and would love to help you set up the HDTV that best suits you and your needs.